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Seeking for someone to spend my entire life with

I’m looking for someone to share some fun and excitement with.

OK. I’m not good at selling myself. I would love to write something brilliantly witty and funny, but that comes when I have found someone who finds me brilliantly witty and funny – its a bit of a chicken and egg situation. Do you think you could be my chicken or egg? I would love to make you laugh and would love to laugh with you.

Now on to the Mens section of Ebay – I am pre-owned but operate as good as new, I’m still in my original box. There is no buy me now option. The winner of the auction will be who ever causes the biggest laugh between the two of us. Buyer can collect or I can deliver within a selected mileage.
Ok – to show my deeper side, I’m going to end with a philosophical idea.

If, as some people would proffess (not me) that life is pointless, you’re born, you struggle, then you die and everything that you have amassed has to be left behind – then surely the only measure that you can be scored on as a measure of your success, is how much happiness you bring to all those that you meet on your journey through life and how much you help others and how much they help you in return.
Thats my Gandhi moment over – I’m off for a beer now…
Enjoy life and enrich the lives of people around you – I f everyone did this to the smallest degree, the world would be so much happier and a greater place to be

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