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Looking for someone vivacious and passionate

I’ve done quite a bit with my life so far , lived in different countries , travelled a lot , played sport competitvely etc and have been pretty successful. I’m a chatty , witty kind of guy who loves to laugh and make people comfortable .I’m happy going out or staying in (with the right person ) with a movie and a take away . As far as looks , i’m told I’m pretty good looking , fit and quite trendy clothes wise . I’m looking for a smart lady who knows what she wants in life and is at a stage where she doesnt want to mess around with guys who don’t .Hopefully she will be smart (in the head !)cute , funny ,and a bit sporty but the reality is nobody is perfect and I’m not expecting some superwoman – If she”s kind , tolerant , laid back (not too bad tempered ! ),doesn”t mind making a fool of herself sometimes and is kind to animals and loves kids , then that would do for me .

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